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These pages are on the different planetary origins. Although there are twelve planetary origins, these nine are the most common (based on reading the energies of many individuals between 1993 and 2001) and are shared here. Each of these nine planetary origin pages contains information on the personality types and characteristics which manifest in an 'Earth life'. They also contain a list of well known individuals from each planetary origin. 


All of the information on planetary origins is taken from my book, "Where Are You Really From?" Copyright 1996.  In the book, each chapter includes the information given here, plus more personality characteristics, bits of 'history' on each, and lists of plants, animals and stones whose DNA originates from each of these planetary groups. The book was not in print for several years an updated book is now available as an eBook.  




"Where Are You Really From?"  copyright 1996  Jo Amidon with The Teachers of The Universal Mind.  

 Currently (2016) My book is only available in eBook pdf form. It can be ordered from the front page of this site, click on the link above.


 *150 new names were added in August 2009*


Below is the Planetary Origin search engine. Enter the name of the celebrity you are looking for, and you will find which planetary origin pages they are listed on. 

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